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General Specifications

  • manuals with church organ toucher (pressure point)
  • three styles / intonations (Barok I, Barok II, Symphonic)
  • separation between C and C sharp
  • physiological swell volume adjusting
  • dynamic attack sound
  • master volume control
  • fine tuning up and down
  • transposer
  • autobase (adjustable split)
  • reverberation LX series: 9 programs – adjustable per intonation
  • reverberation E series: 5 programs – adjustable per intonation
  • wind robbing, 3 programs – adjustable per intonation
  • digital pipe noise, 8 volumes – adjustable per intonation
  • tremulants adjustable in speed and depth per manual and intonation
  • adjustable Celeste detuning per intonation
  • voice editor for volume per voice and per voicing point
  • 12 tuning temperaments, e.g. Werckmeister, Midtone
  • headphone socket
  • MIDI In-Out-Thru + line in-out
  • finish: oil, light oak or medium oak

Options (on request)

  • Eminent Voice Library
  • general crescendo pedal
  • roll-top cover wood for E26 and 370LX
  • lock in roll-top cover
  • manuals plastic and sharp keys plastic
  • manuals wood core with plastic and sharp keys ebony
  • manuals wood core with cherry and sharp keys ebony
  • manuals wood core with ebony and sharp keys cherry
  • bench adjustable
  • concave, radiating concave or AGO pedal
  • sequential setzer
  • sequencer
  • toe pistons for e.g. couplers
  • music stand adjustable
  • different color or type of wood
  • Maestro Tonalis intonation software
  • split console

Pictures may differ
Modifications reserved